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Spine is our Specialty!

- Alleviate back pain
- Quick Results
- Lasting Recovery
- Research-supported evaluations based on EMG Studies
- Save patients from Spine Surgery

Hip, Knee or Heel Pain?

- It might be from your spine/back.
- Our innovative research-based nerve tests (EMG) will identify the source.
- It might save you hip or knee replacement surgeries.
- We can treat it with technology (without surgery).

Workers with Lower Back Pain can return to work safely with EMG-Based Technology

Lower back pain is the most time consuming pathology and money-loosing item on the workers compensation. It is also the workers dilemma considering the repetitive and hard working jobs they do day in and day out. The specifics of our treatment protocol works and focus on the source of the problem generating the lower back or neck pain. This will save the worker significant working time, pain and unwanted symptoms. IT WILL SAVE THE WORKER SPINE SURGERIES. Employers will be able to get the workers back to work sooner and more healthier than any other treatment protocol. 

Your trunk Posture "in sitting" might leads to LBP: sitting for a longer period of times generate uncomfortable forces on the lumbar region and spine. YOUR SITTING TIME DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PAINFUL. Slouch or slump postures might cause neural impingement of the lumbar nerve roots causing LBP (our research studies). Positioning your trunk in a specified posture (identified after our first EMG test) will instruct you about the most non-injurious posture during sitting (in your car, in the office, in front of the TV or sitting in front the computer). YOUR LONG TRAVEL TIME (CAR) DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A PAINFUL EXPERIENCE. THE SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS WHOM WE HELPED CANNOT BE ALL WRONG.

Saving patients Spine surgery with EMG-Based Technology - THIS IS OUR PROMISE

We will work hard to fulfill our promise and deliver our service with passion. You will be received in a friendly atmosphere with full knowledge about your back or neck pain and more importantly HOW TO FIX IT WITHOUT SURGERIES. We work from the source of the problem in order for the symptoms not to return for the foreseen future.





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About the Director


Dr. Mohamed Sabbahi is a professor of Neuroscience, Electrodiagnosis & Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University, Houston, Texas for the last 24 years. He is an academician, clinician & researcher with more than 40 years experience in the field of rehabilitation.

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