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Spine is our Specialty!

- Alleviate back pain
- Quick Results
- Lasting Recovery
- Research-supported evaluations based on EMG Studies
- Save patients from Spine Surgery

Hip, Knee or Heel Pain?

- It might be from your spine/back.
- Our innovative research-based nerve tests (EMG) will identify the source.
- It might save you hip or knee replacement surgeries.
- We can treat it with technology (without surgery).

Publications by Dr. Sabbahi

Recent Publications

  1. Sabbahi M., Sengul Y. Cervical multisegmental Motor responses in Healthy Subjects. Spinal Cord January 17, 2012; doi; 10.1038/sc. 2011.166; 1-8.
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  5. Pinada E., Sabbahi M., Etnyre B. Using Standing postures as a Practical Alternative to gait Analysis for assessing Normal Neuromotor activity variation of the ankle muscle antagonists: A Soleus H-reflex and EMG activity study comparing Patients with Hemiplegia to Healthy subjects. Int. J. Morphology 28; 591- 594, 2010
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Older Publications

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Dr. Mohamed Sabbahi is a professor of Neuroscience, Electrodiagnosis & Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University, Houston, Texas for the last 24 years. He is an academician, clinician & researcher with more than 40 years experience in the field of rehabilitation.

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