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Spine is our Specialty!

- Alleviate back pain
- Quick Results
- Lasting Recovery
- Research-supported evaluations based on EMG Studies
- Save patients from Spine Surgery

Hip, Knee or Heel Pain?

- It might be from your spine/back.
- Our innovative research-based nerve tests (EMG) will identify the source.
- It might save you hip or knee replacement surgeries.
- We can treat it with technology (without surgery).

3-Day Hands-On Training Course occured in Houston Sept 20-22

NOTE: This course has already past but if there is more interest and a group wants to take it we may be able to accommodate. Please contact us.

Evaluate & Treat Patients with Radiculopathy Using EMG

* Learn New Technology *
* Save Patients Spine Surgeries *
* Increase Reimbursements *
Houston - Texas - September 20-22, 2013 (past)
@ Hilton Garden Inn - Houston Bush/IAH

Taught by: Dr. M. Sabbahi, PT. PHD. FAANOE. Professor Emeritus, TWU. Director Texas Electrophysiology & Physical Therapy Services

** Click to Download Course Flyer in PDF format **

Evaluation and treatment of patients with low back pain (LBP) and radiculopathy is usually based on clinical and imaging results that are mostly subjective. A new and innovative technology based on assessing the spinal level, direction and degree of nerve root impingement; based on surface EMG testing of H-reflex has been developed and validated by the director course. The technique is supported by his research that gives the scientific evidence for its concept. The speaker will present his experience with the clinical application of the technique on more than 2000 patients during the last few years. I will guarantee that "you come out of this course with hand-on experience that you will use successfully with your patient in the following days of the course." Dr. M. Sabbahi

Course Director

Dr, M. Sabbahi, PT, PhD, ECS is a licensed physical therapist in the state of Texas since 1985. A clinician, academician and researcher for more than 40 years. He was a full professor at TWU- School of Physical therapy since 1985. Currently he is a professor Emeritus at TWU Houston Campus. While maintaining an active clinical practice for spine rehabilitation and EMG/NCV for the last 28 years, he developed innovative technologies using EMG- HI reflex studies for testing & treatment of patients with lumbosacral and cervical radiculopathy. He has a good track record of publication with more than 175 articles and abstracts in peer reviewed journals and proceedings, an international speaker with effective presentation and good problem solving approaches.

Who Should Attend: * Physical Therapists * Physical Therapy assistants * Chiropractors * Occupational therapists * Physiatrist

What Will You Learn

  • Learn to record, measure, interpret & bill for the H-reflex studies using EMG
  • Testing soleus & vastus medialis H-reflexes during unloading (lying) & loading (standing)
  • Interpreting results of H-reflex finding, comparing healthy subjects to patients with radiculopathy.
  • Calculating H-H ratio to determine the limb side and degree of nerve root compression.
  • Testing Kinesiologic H-reflex during different trunk postures.
  • Identifying the Optimum Spinal Posture (OSP, decompression posture) and Unwanted Spinal Posture (USP, compression posture)
  • Discuss the testing difference between acute and chronic patients with H-reflexes.
  • Translate above information to treatment protocol development.
  • Learn to incorporate modalities, manipulation and mobilization with the OSP and monitor for the changes in radicular symptoms
  • Develop the 24/7 treatment protocol (Home exercise program, sitting & sleeping postures)
  • Learn to progress patients from unloading to partial and full loading with treatment protocol. Discuss the difference in treatment protocol between hypermobile & hypomobile patients.
  • Learn to report the results and bill for the service of EMG (CPT code)

Course Description

Day 1

  • The mechanical theory of lower back pain and its impact on nerve root compression.
  • Why testing H-reflex and nerve root function from loading & unloading?
  • Learn How to test soleus & VMO H-reflexes in unloading & loading as well as in the kinesiologic postural conditions in healthy subjects (DEMONSTRATION & LAB).
  • Learn how to interpret the H-reflex data as related to patients condition/symptoms (DEMONSTRATION & LAB).
  • Discuss the basic principles of the technique.
  • Observe testing a patient demonstration with lower back pain using the h-reflexes and learn how to interpret the data (DEMONSTRATION & LAB).

Day 2

  • Progress treatment protocol based on EMG data using 24/7.
  • Learn to modify protocol with symptoms changes
  • Develop different treatment strategy for the hypomobile & hypermobile patients with LBP.
  • Learn how to test patients with acute and chronic condition with radiculopathy using H-reflexes.
  • Lessons to learn from developing treatment positions, exercises and sleeping position in patients with radiculoapthy without using EMG testing of H-reflexes.
  • Observe the changes in patients treated in day one using the technique (DEMONSTRATION& LAB).
  • Discuss research results supporting our technique.
  • Incorporate modalities (mobilization, manipulation, ultrasound & E. stimulation) with the OSP (LABORATORY).

Day 3

  • Discuss case studies using H-reflexes & EMG data for testing & treatment of radiculopathy.
  • Observe and monitor results of patients tested in Day  & Day 2 using our technique (DEMONSTRATION & LAB).
  • Recognize the difference between application of our technique for patients without surgeries and those after spine surgeries.
  • Discuss functional changes using our technique in patients with LBP.
  • Are there any changes in bladder function with using our technique?
  • Learn how to write the report to referring physician and bill for the service using CPT code

Registration, Confirmation & Certificate of Completion

Confirmation of registration will be sent via email. A copy of your registration confirmation will serve as your receipt for fees paid at the time of registration. Walk-ins are welcomed but must register on site. Please notify us at least (2 weeks) in advance if you have special need or require assistance. Certificate will be available at the end of the course. If you register on site, certificate of completion will be mailed to you within one week after completion of the course. Please provide an email address and phone number to receive important updates.

Substitution & Cancellation Policy

Substitution may be made at any time Request for cancellation must be received in writing by fax or email ten (10) days prior to the course date in order to receive a refund less a $50.00 administration charge per cancelled attendee. If the cancellation is made within ten (10) days or fewer refunds will not be granted for any reason A credit voucher will be issued that may be used toward future courses. Credit vouchers are transferable and do not expire.

Course Hours

Registration begins at 7:30am. The seminar begins at 8.00 a.m. and will finish at 5:00pm on the first day and conclude at 12:00 noon on 3rd day. Coffee/hot tea provided in am. One hour break for lunch on your own.

Continuing Education Credit

Physical Therapists: This course has been submitted to the Texas Board of Physical Therapy examiners for CCU5 for PTs and PTAs.

NOTE: This course has already past but if there is more interest and a group wants to take it we may be able to accommodate. Please contact us.






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About the Director


Dr. Mohamed Sabbahi is a professor of Neuroscience, Electrodiagnosis & Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University, Houston, Texas for the last 24 years. He is an academician, clinician & researcher with more than 40 years experience in the field of rehabilitation.

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